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INSYS icom announces „Green Efficiency“ concept

INSYS icom announces "Green Efficiency" concept

Green Efficiency Logo of INSYS icom

Regensburg – INSYS icom, leading technology partner in industrial data communication and M2M technology, introduces its new „Green Efficiency“ concept at the SPS/IPC/Drives 2013 exhibition.

In the face of climate change and scarcity of resources, improved energetic and resource efficiency in industrial applications are becoming the innovative drive for the future. Remote maintenance solutions are already contributing to the more sustainable and energy-saving operation of industrial plants, with fewer maintenance calls. This reduces costs as well as unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

With the „Green Efficiency“ concept, INSYS icom harnesses the performance potential of its router and fault monitor hardware. Enhanced energy-saving functions enable the devices to monitor operating parameters, current supply, and application temperatures, and in case of an error to generate alarms based on escalation levels. Additionally, the INSYS devices can switch off interfaces or components, a feature that supports minimal energy consumption as well as IT security. The new „Power Down“ mode allows for the routers themselves, connected controllers, and other devices to be switched off as required and to be reactivated at set points in time. These functions support energy self-sufficient solutions in particular.

In a Swiss reservoir project, for example, an INSYS IMO-2 fault monitor activates a sensor at regular intervals so it can transmit the current water level via the mobile communication network. The application runs solely based on a solar panel and a buffer battery. In „Power Down“ mode, the IMO-2 consumes less than 3 mW. Following the development of the „Green Efficiency“ concept, INSYS has joined the BLUECOMPETENCE sustainability initiative conceived by the German Engineering Federation VDMA. From now on, the company will place a stronger emphasis on developing hardware and software features in line with ecologic management. Even today, INSYS devices are especially energy-efficient and long-lived. Moreover, the company has an integrated, certified quality and environmental management system. Its headquarters in a „Green Building“ demonstrate sustainable and environmentally responsible behaviour.

At the SPS/IPC/Drives exhibition on 26-28 November 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany, INSYS icom (Hall 7, Stand 201) presents the new „Green Efficiency“ concept as well as various new products and solutions. For more information, please visit or

Founded in 1992, INSYS icom is a well-established technology partner for industrial data communication and M2M technology. The company’s product portfolio includes simple serial modems, integrated mobile radio routers, controllers for e-mobility charging stations, and complete efficiency solutions.

INSYS icom supplies customers from various industry sectors, such as energy production, mechanical engineering, and traffic engineering. The company“s durable solutions are also employed by system integrators, automation experts, and the public sector. They are used for various applications such as remote access, alarm messages and monitoring processes, and the intelligent secure integration of systems.

INSYS icom products are available in many form factors with any type of data transfer technology and with a wide range of features. Intelligent extra features make them even more versatile: these options include the integrated Linux sandbox in routers and SDSL products for user-specific applications, customized sandbox apps, and the INSYS Connectivity Service that enables the management of safe VPN networks.

INSYS icom“s technical support team provides competent assistance, in-person and at any time. Thanks to extensive development experience, INSYS icom is an ideal partner for customer inquiries about new developments or change requests regarding hardware, software, applications or technology.

Barbara Gallert
Hermann-Köhl-Str. 22
93049 Regensburg
0941 586920

Barbara Gallert
Hermann-Köhl-Str. 22
93049 Regensburg

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