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noax Industrial Computers At A Glance

noax Industrial Computers: Remote maintenance allows monitoring of important parameters Remote maintenance gives noax the ability to make it easier for IT administrators to maintain their state-of-the-art industrial PCs. Important technical parameters can be displayed over the network at central locations for monitoring. noax“s fully customizable industrial computers are the central control points along the … Weiterlesen »


iDTRONIC“s Handheld Computer: C4 Red – World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality

Our reliable Android 7.0 handheld reader, C4 Red, is now available with a LEGIC function. The C4 Red reader is the first Android 7.0 reader with LEGIC functionality. We are proud to be the first supplier worldwide. (c) by iDTRONIC GmbH Simplify your access control with the new LEGIC C4 Red handheld reader from iDTRONIC … Weiterlesen »


Shut down old systems when companies merge or taken over – archive data using Chronos

With Chronos, old data remains permanently accessible, independent of the legacy system, so that no maintenance and further development is required For company mergers and takeovers, the solution Chronos from CSP GmbH & Co. KG provides a large contribution to futuristic IT infrastructure by decommissioning old applications. When companies grow and change, the organizational challenges … Weiterlesen »