A smart die that bridges the digital with the physical

unidice offers a new tactile experience to interact with Bluetooth devices

A smart die that bridges the digital with the physical

unidice with unidice app

The unidice gaming console is set to take the TTRPG and Board Game industry by force. Rolling in with six durable digital displays the unidice system is able to pivot into any game function required ranging from random number generation, simulating multiple dice at the same time, or customizing dice. Arriving with its own app, it will allow you to upload custom images to create your own unique dice set for your particular game.

Due to its digital nature and its ability to display things on both the device and the user’s phone, it enables new companies to skip the cost of producing specific dice, printing rules and cards, or dealing with shipping and warehouse space. Never having to worry about over ordering or going through the process of a kickstarter to raise the higher amount of funds for production. Creators can send out events, new rules, even full blown expansions directly to the customers, encouraging retention and engagement.

The unidice system is capable of creating companion apps through collaboration with companies. Through this, rules can be offloaded to the app allowing the players a more immersive and intuitive game. No more having to look through rulebooks, just simply looking at their phone and rolling the unidice, the app automates the heavy lifting so players can just focus on enjoying the game. You can even use the SDK to create your own apps, adjusting interactions and allowing custom rules and content.

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unidice GmbH

2020 in Marktrodach (Deutschland) gegründet, möchten wir mit unserem Produkt und seinen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten den Menschen neue Spielideen und Spielewelten eröffnen. Durch die Neuerfindung von Altbekanntem sollen Phantasien angeregt und Generationen vereint werden. Wir ermöglichen mit dem unidice den Alltag spielerisch besser, effizienter und abwechslungsreicher zu gestalten.

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