Alerts and Real-Time Notifications on Digital Signage Screens

The FrontFace digital signage software now supports alerts and real-time notifications on digital screens.

Alerts and Real-Time Notifications on Digital Signage Screens

Realtime alert message on a digital signage screen with FrontFace

With the FrontFace Digital Signage Software, any digital signage and interactive kiosk application can be implemented. Use cases range from information and advertising screens of all kinds to digital reception and welcome screens, or digital screens for infotainment content, e.g. in waiting areas. With FrontFace, users can implement their own screen solutions without any programming knowledge („no code“).

The FrontFace software can be extended with plugins. The “ Remote Control Plugin“ enables the remote control of screens via a smartphone app (Android or iOS) or alternatively via a Windows app. In the latest version of the plugin, support for alarm scenarios has been added to the broadcast function. With a single click in the Remote Control App, all screens on a network can instantly display a text message. In addition to a simple text-only display with different color variants, it is also possible to display completely customized information screens, e.g. with eye-catching elements such as animated scrolling text above the regular screen content. Acoustic signaling is also supported.

In combination with the new Remote Control Plugin, FrontFace is now also suitable for alerting and displaying important messages that need to be communicated in real time. In addition to emergency scenarios, „breaking news“ in a corporate context or the dissemination of spontaneous information and announcements (e.g. in museums or public buildings for visitor control) are also possible.

A free trial version of both the FrontFace digital signage software and the Remote Control Plugin is available for download from the mirabyte website.

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