Between School and Work – Study While you Work at SKIDATA

Successfully Combine Work and Studies with a Strong Employer

Between School and Work - Study While you Work at SKIDATA

Between School and Work – Study While you Work at SKIDATA

Implement current topics and projects in your everyday career and educational life while gaining practical experience and a steady income. For many people, studying while you work is an attractive alternative to full-time studies. But when the support of your employer is missing, combining work and studying is bound to fail for most people.

At SKIDATA, the innovative leader for access solutions and access management with headquarters in Grödig near Salzburg in Austria, dedication and the pursuit of further education is valued. Employees who choose to combine work and studies receive special support. Even after completing your training at SKIDATA, studying while you work offers a stimulating educational experience. Young technicians use this opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in IT. In this way they can improve their chances of having a stellar career in software development or hardware development. Karin and Rupert are two great examples of how you can be successful at work AND at school.

SKIDATA employees Karin and Rupert have made the most of their chances

Karin and Rupert are living proof of what can be done with the support of an employer. After training to become a school teacher and finishing commercial high school, Karin started on her second educational path and studied business at the university of applied sciences. She has also earned a Bachelor”s degree.

Rupert started his career at SKIDATA after completing his studies at an institute of technology. Today, he is not only a leader at SKIDATA but is also currently working on his second course of studies at a university of applied sciences.

Karin and Rupert are thrilled that their employer is so supportive and have never regretted their decision to study while they work. Perseverance, good time management and support from their social network, as well as assistance from their employer, have made this career development possible for both.

Full support when combining school and work

In order to make it easier for employees to study while they work, SKIDATA offers many different opportunities. For example, students can temporarily reduce their working hours or take leave for further training or education. Employees can also organize their work and studies effectively by taking vacation days or making use of flexible working hours. Even tuition is not an obstacle and in many cases will even be financed by the company. Last but not least, SKIDATA employees get double the advantages: during your studies, prior work experience, help and advice from seasoned co-workers are a huge plus. In turn, the theoretical knowledge you learn during your studies can be put into practice at work.

Careers at SKIDATA – Jobs Openings, Open Positions and International Jobs

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