More memory and hard disk space for V-server models at Giga-International

Continuous product improvements at Giga-International
More memory and hard disk space for V-server models at Giga-International

Munich, March 07, 2012. A few days ago Giga-International ( launched its new high-end server model, the “Dedicated Server X”, and now the company announces the improvement of its V-Servers.
From now on the V-Servers are available with new inner values – they have been upgraded with more memory and hard disk space.
The V-Server “L” received an upgrade to 6 GB of guaranteed RAM and 300 GB hard disk space, the V-Server “XL” is now available with 12 GB guaranteed RAM and 600 GB hard disk space.

“The demand for our virtual servers is increasing all the time and that”s the reason for that upgrade – we would like to offer our customers even more power” says Michael Bölke, managing director of Giga-International. “A virtual server is not a physically autonomous server but it is a part of a real host system next to other virtual servers. Thanks to all improved hardware features it is equal to an independent server.”

Despite the hardware upgrade, the price remains unchanged. The “medium” one can already be ordered for 9.99 EUR. The “L” Model is available for 19.99 EUR, and the “XL” model for 39.99 EUR. The customer can choose the contract period individually – the minimum term possible is between 1 month and 1 year.

These days the popularity of virtual servers increases more and more, because they are much cheaper than “real” servers. But not only the huge cost advantage leads to that increasing purchase of virtual servers. Characteristic of a V-Server is its shared environment – multiple virtual servers share a common hardware, nevertheless one can use the full scope of services as if it were a standalone server. For this reason the V-sever is, of course, much more environmentally friendly – another argument in favor of the V-server.

About Giga-International:
Giga-International has specialized in providing individual and low cost datacenter solutions. Our portfolio incorporates Webspace, Dedicated Servers , Colocation, Virtual Servers, Clustered Systems, Domains and the provision of individual hardware. Thanks to their own datacenter in Munich, which is redundantly air conditioned and perfectly linked to Internet and electrical power suppliers, Giga Hosting is not only able to provide competent instant service but also care for individual requirements someone may have. The office is occupied on 365 days a year including holidays and weekends.

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