Now available: ixi-UMS Enterprise version 6.60

estos software offers new features and improvements for the unified messaging server

Now available: ixi-UMS Enterprise version 6.60

Starnberg, 8/5/2018

The Starnberg software manufacturer estos releases the new Enterprise Version 6.60 of the ixi-UMS unified messaging software. Redesigned voice mailbox configuration, sending SMS text messages via the SMS service provider, UMS messages without using the e-mail server, faxes in TIF or PDF or PDF/A, as well as a new design for client tools and add-ins – these are the highlights.

The completely redesigned voice mailbox configuration is now even more user-friendly. The menus and settings have been made clearer for the user. The welcome e-mail that each voice mailbox user receives now includes content customized to user preferences, informing them of their access level and eliminating unnecessary information.

In addition, estos has expanded the possibilities of sending SMSs: Users can now use a text message service provider to send text messages quickly, cost-effectively, and conveniently. The options to use SMS via a GSM adapter, VPN or in the fixed network will be retained.

Receiving UMS messages without using the e-mail server allows you to transfer faxes, SMS and voice messages from the mailbox. These are archived locally on the ixi-UMS server. The ixi-UMS web journal allows users to access messages.

Whether a fax is added in TIF and/or PDF format can be adjusted for the individual user in the new version. Previously, the administrator could only select the respective format on a company-wide basis. A requirement is the use of an ixi-UMS SMTP connector. The ability to receive faxes in PDF/A format now extends the electronic archiving capabilities.

estos has also redesigned the ixi-UMS client tools and add-ins. On the one hand, these now appear in the familiar estos design to ensure the products have a uniform look and feel for users. On the other hand, users can now select the desired fax option directly, without a drop-down menu. Basically, they can use the client tools and add-in functions such as AutoFax and can address faxes directly to their contacts.

The ixi-UMS Enterprise unified messaging server combines fax, voice and SMS services under one interface. The user can send and receive all types of messages – e-mails, faxes, voice and short messages – in the usual e-mail client, for example Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes. They can also access their inbox via smartphone, tablet or PC while on the move and listen to, retrieve, and manage their messages. The ability to receive messages without using the e-mail server adds flexibility: e-mails and UMS messages can be managed separately, if required.

“With the new features and improvements in version 6.60 of ixi-UMS Enterprise, we wanted to offer our customers a little more comfort,” sums up Bernd Kattner, product manager at estos. “I think we succeeded very well.”

Availability, updates and more information

ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise is now available from estos, qualified specialist dealers and trained system integrators. The update to ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise is free for companies with a Software Assurance (SA) contract. A fee is charged for the update without an SA contract. An in-place update to Release 6.60 is possible with ixi-UMS Enterprise Version 6.00 and higher. More information about ixi-UMS Enterprise is available at

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