Now available: Service Release 3 for ProCall 6 Enterprise

estos improves softphone functions and native smartphone apps

Now available: Service Release 3 for ProCall 6 Enterprise

Now available: Service Release 3 for the Unified Communications Software Suite ProCall Enterprise

Starnberg, 11/9/2019

The Starnberg-based software manufacturer estos has released Service Release 3 for the unified communications & CTI software suite: The ProCall 6 Enterprise softphone features, including integration with ixi-UMS and the native app, have been improved. “We have listened to our customers and incorporated their wishes and suggestions,” explains Joachim Frenzel, Product Marketing Manager at estos. “We were able to adapt our software to the current requirements of the market and now offer corporate users even more flexibility.”

SIP softphone features

estos has implemented softphone application improvements for users: From now on, an audio/video wizard can be used to determine which output device “rings” when a call is received. For example, the laptop’s speaker or the base station of the headset can be selected. In addition, the Starnberg-based software manufacturer has revised the call window: The contact details of the person who “forwards” or “holds” a call are now clearly visible. If the softphone is not available, e.g. the PC on which it is running is switched off, the IT administrator can specify a number of different actions – forwarding to another telephone, the ixi-UMS answering machine or importing a ring tone or busy signal. The administrator can control this behavior on a group or company-wide basis. The softphone’s release for all Asterisk-based telephone systems expands the application possibilities. On one hand, the media server update provides higher stability, expandability, maintenance and performance. On the other, WebRTC 1.0 is supported. Users can also utilize web page communication with the latest browser versions.

Smartphone app

With default selection and renaming of telephone numbers, users of the ProCall Mobile App also benefit from Service Release 3. The native app for Android or iOS devices displays UCC functions on the smartphone. Among other things, it provides different telephone numbers with which the user can make calls: mobile phone, SIP or remote office number. If users make a phone call via their smartphone, the number used to make the call can now be set by default. Furthermore, names can be given to the different numbers. For example, the user can name the mobile number “GSM” and the softphone number “SIP”. This makes it easier to maintain an overview.

Availability and further information

Service Release 3 for ProCall 6 Enterprise is now available for download free of charge at Further information can be found at

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