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signotec presents new generation of signature pads

signotec is proud to unveil its newest innovations, the “Gamma” and “Kappa” advanced signature pads, at the CeBIT 2015 (March 16-20, 2015, Hall 3, Stand D25).

signotec presents new generation of signature pads

The new Gamma Signature Tablet by signotec. picture: signotec GmbH (Source: signotec GmbH)

Both innovative signature pads “Gamma” and “Kappa” set new standards for durability, longevity, and user-configurable flexibility. Gamma”s ultra-flat design and unbeatably durable surface provide the ideal platform for a robust customer-facing eSignature architecture. With the new Kappa, signotec has combined its tried and true “Sigma” signature pad with a built-in fingerprint sensor, providing for multi-biometric authentication applications in numerous vertical markets. With the ability to capture millions of signatures, and operate seamlessly with signotec”s advanced eSignature software applications, both new devices provide enterprise customers with extraordinary process cost and time savings, in addition to enhanced accuracy and security.

The highlight of this year”s exhibition will be the unveiling of signotec”s new signature pads, the “Gamma” and the “Kappa”. Additionally, signotec will be highlighting its enhanced software solutions for mobile signing on tablets and smartphones.

signotec products allow enterprise users and their customers to legally sign documents, both electronically and digitally, using familiar methods and business practices, in order to streamline process costs and timelines while increasing the accuracy of customer-facing applications. signotec”s complete eSignature solutions allow traditional (ceremonial) business processes to remain intact, enhancing user acceptance while simultaneously modernizing the labour and cost-intensive aspects of processing paper documents, post-signature. Thanks to signotec”s encryption of biometric data and the ability to electronically sign the content on the pad itself, customers experience an unsurpassed level of security and flexibility during use. Error-prone paper-based transactions are gently transformed into electronic form, increasing the security of both the mission critical documents and the applied signatures as well.

In addition to unveiling its new products, signotec will be showcasing its various vertical applications utilizing their highly successful line of pads (Sigma, Omega and Alpha), as well as Android and IOS mobile devices, to demonstrate their integrated software and hardware components working seamlessly to benefit their customers.

About signotec Technology:
Signature pads from signotec are unique and robust. Product features including ergonomic form factors, ERT surfaces, Content Signing, fingerprint sensor integration, scrolling functionality and excellent screen and signature resolutions set signotec apart.
Safety and security are signotec”s highest priority: Only signotec offers the best in class encryption to sign and encrypt confidential data in its signature pads.
The new “Gamma” pad is characterized by its ultra-flat design, its high resolution, and its ER-technology sensor combined with special toughened glass surface. Gamma”s construction ensures an extremely long service life of 30 million signatures, and unbeatable durability with the highest safety.
The new “Kappa” pad combines signotec”s ubiquitous Sigma pad with advanced fingerprint sensor technology, providing an image resolution of 320×480 pixels (500 DPI) and a colour depth of 8 bits, (256 shades of grey). The integrated fingerprint sensor is equipped with the most modern CMOS sensor technology and a very precise optical system in order to deliver high-quality fingerprints. The sensor is able to transfer the almost undistorted fingerprints within 100 milliseconds to the host computer. It is therefore an excellent choice for any application recognizing and processing fingerprints.

Our Software:
signotec signature pads and software solutions form a process-optimized, legally admissible and perfectly matched solution for secure, handwritten, electronic signatures. Products for desktop signing as “signoSign/2”, browser based systems as “signoSign/Web” or “signo-Sign/mobile” ( for mobile devices like iPads, other smartphones or tablets) all function together to add eSignature functionality to any enterprise application.

During the week from March 16 to 20, the highly committed employees from signotec will present the different signature pads, software programs and the newest technologies at CeBIT 2015. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have at any time.

Press Release at signotec

Bildquelle: signotec GmbH

signotec was founded in the year 2000 and is market and technology leader in the sector of electronic signatures via pen-pad or tablet-PC. With signotec´s products the user is able to sign as usual, also digitally, optimize business processes, avoid media breaks, authenticate persons and create legally compliant documents. Electronic documents being signed in this way can be checked always, everywhere and by everybody without any technical complexity. With signotec signature solutions, signing remains as simple and safe as it has always been. Signing, though, takes place directly within the electronic document. So cost-intensive media breaks due to the use of paper can be prevented, and electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can be verified.

The signotec GmbH is managed by the directors Arne Brandes and Gunther Hagner in the locations Ratingen and Rodewald.

signotec GmbH
Christiane Dohm
Am Gierath 20 b
31637 Ratingen
0049 2102 53575 – 10

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